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Edin-Nadir is the island that Jaws of Extinction takes place on. It is 67 square kilometers in size.

Don's Hardware, located in Hanouten and Marbough


Explore a beautiful, atmospheric, hand sculpted world. From busy towns and outposts to scenic, sun-dappled woodlands and misty, haunting marshlands. Crafted using pure imagination.

The open-world of Eden-Nadir covers a 66.95Km2 (41.6 Mile2) area of woodlands, fields, marshlands, towns, villages and cities. This is all open for exploration and a potential place to set up camp and call home.

Eden-Nadir is a fictional island handcrafted and designed by the JoE development team, one thing you will notice is the attention to detail. We believe that the more realistic and believable the world is the more immersive for players to place themselves in the game and experience true survival at the end of the world as we know it.

Hanouten Fishing Village[]

Hanouten fishing village is the first village/town you will encounter when starting JoE for the first time, has a dozen or so houses and a few stores. Make sure to visit the Hilltop safezone.

Hanouten Safezone.jpg

Marbough of Nadir[]

Residential town

Lockcrest Prison Island[]

Home of the prototype and prologue of the main story

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