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Zombies, also called wanderers, the main enemies in Jaws of Extinction.


Special zombies[]

The Stinker is a special where when it dies from a head shot will release a cloud of toxic gas that poisons the player if there’s not careful enough to kill it and kill the stinker with a melee weapon, in my words always keep your distance when fighting it although it hast to be female to become a stinker the death cloud is it’s ability so don’t kill it up close

The Feral is a special that has increased movement speed and a little bit more health, these wanderer’s are able to slack and strike kill the player if they don’t hear it’s silent growls and to make sure you hear it you need a tan male character with high stealth and good listening and make thing better you need sound detectors, good tip when dealing with the feral, listen carefully

The Big Guy is way more tougher to deal with due to it being a little taller then the normal wanderer’s and humans to, it’s big and really skinny but has lots of health so it’s good to avoid it at all costs, this wanderer type is able to run faster with a charging attack that it uses to kill easier, if you want to survive you may want to use your roll because it can run fast when charging

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